The annual year-end 2017 CVFL Tournament will take place from July 28th – July 30th.

Field Locations:

Cheshire High School field 1 (CHS 1) is the field closest to the school; CHS 2 is further from the school and closer to the football field.
Bartlem field 2 is closest to Rt. 10.
Cheshire Park is located at 966 Highland Ave. in Cheshire. Field 2 is the middle field, and field 3 is the field closest to the bathrooms and tennis courts.
Dodd Middle School is located at 100 Park Place in Cheshire. The field is behind the school.

Click here for the 2016 CVFL Tournament schedule


The following rules from the CVFL charter, which you can find on our “Information” page, clarify the rules of the tournament.  For more detailed information, see the charter.

7.2. Teams shall receive one point for each game played, two points for each win, and one point for each tie. For example, a winning team shall receive a total of three points (one point for playing the game and two points for winning) and the losing team will receive a total of one point (for playing the game. A forfeit counts as a game played.) It is the responsibility of the winning team to report all game results to the specified CVFL website administrator or the CVFL Commissioner within one (1) week of the completion of the game. Failure to do so will result in the game reverting to a tie.

a. The maximum run differential per regular season game shall be 15 runs. Any
regular season game that results in a run difference of more than 15 runs will
revert to a 15 run differential. The winning team’s total runs scored will be
determined by adding 15 runs to the losing team’s total runs scored.

7.3. The regular season champion in each age division shall be the team with the most
points earned during the regular season. The final regular season standings shall also
determine the seedings for the round robin phase of the CVFL Tournament. For
example, the first place team shall play the easiest schedule for the round robin phase,
the second place team shall play the second easiest schedule, and so on down to the last place team, which shall play the most difficult schedule.

7.4. A team must play at least 50% of the specified number of regular season League
games for their age division to qualify for the CVFL Tournament. NO

7.5. The following tiebreakers shall apply to determine the regular season champion and
the seedings for the round robin phase of the CVFL Tournament:
a. Total points earned
b. Head-to-head results
c. Most wins
d. Fewest losses
e. Run differential
f. Coin flip

10.4. If a division has an odd number of teams qualifying for the Tournament, the team
ranked in the median as determined by Section 7.5 of the League Charter shall play
four games in the round robin phase of the Tournament. In addition the teams in the
division with an odd number of teams qualifying for the Tournament shall be seeded
for the elimination round based on the following results achieved during the round
robin phase of the Tournament:

a. Average Points Earned – A win equals 2 points, a tie equals 1 point and a loss
equals no points. The sum of a team’s “total points earned” is divided by the
number of games played during the “round robin” phase of the Tournament to
calculate the “Average Points Earned”.
b. Head-to-head
c. Final Regular Season Standing